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Improved Fuel Efficiency: Get up to 50 mpg.
Gary Brown explains how we build our pickups with diesel tractor engines.
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  Fifty years ago, my father bought a new Ford car with a small V-8 engine and an overdrive transmission.  It got just over 20 miles per gallon on a trip.  My wife drives a current production full size Ford with a small V-8 engine and an overdrive transmission.  Guess what! It gets just over 20 miles per gallon on a trip.

    Twelve years after my father bought his car, America put two men on the moon and brought them back, but fifty years later, automobile manufacturers can’t seem to be able to increase our gas mileage, but they build European versions of the same cars that get approximately 60% better mileage.  

    We are convinced there is a conspiracy involving the oil companies, our government, and maybe the automobile manufacturers.  It’s fueled by the enormous profits on petroleum and the tax revenues collected on them.  Just imagine if every car in America got twice the gas mileage.  Imagine the billions of dollars in tax revenue our politicians would lose.  It’s the handling of tax revenue that gives politicians such tremendous power.

    We believe the oil rich billionaires have bought large shares of the automobile stock and a majority of Congress with pact money contributing millions of dollars to their election campaigns and there are no incentives to increase fuel mileage.  We are being robbed of the fruits of our labor by an organized system that we are to blame for. 

     We vote for candidates, but don’t support them financially.  They need our votes, but they must get their campaign funds from lobbyists of the major corporations.  That’s why the large corporations get every tax break in the book and we get robbed blind.  We must support the senators and congressmen financially so they won’t seek financial aid from the large corporations. 

    Remember what Deep Throat said, “Follow the money.”

    Until voters start supporting the candidates of their choice financially, we must find ways of building vehicles of our own that we can afford to drive. That’s what we have done!

    My partners and I were trying to find a way of surviving today’s outrageous fuel prices.  We have developed an engine and transmission package; a full size pick-up that gets approximately 40-50 miles per gallon.  What we have accomplished through trial and error and thousands of dollars; you can achieve with a simple set of plans.  It’s the combination of these parts that transforms a 15 mile per gallon vehicle into a 40-50 mile per gallon vehicle. 

    We are obtaining U.S. patent copyrights on the plans to our vehicles and we will make them available for a nominal amount.  We want to help our fellow citizens remove the financial chains currently holding us hostage.  If a few hundred thousand people build these vehicles, it would reduce our daily dependence on foreign oil and let the automobile manufacturers know if they don’t do it, we will.

    The free spirit of the American people always comes through in a time of need. It’s now time for a grassroots effort to show the car manufacturers and oil companies that we are not at their mercy. Now with the passage of the new CAFÉ (Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency) standards by Congress the car manufacturers will rush into production shoebox size deathtraps on wheels.  They are trying to tell us they cannot build safer full-size vehicles that get good mileage.

    My response is, “Snake-oil.”

    The day this bill was signed into law I drove one of our full-size test pick-ups nearly 150 miles on just over 3 gallons of fuel.  Now is the time to stand together while we still have the shirts on our backs. 

     As Ronald Reagan once said, “The real strength of America is its people.”

     For just $24.95, hardly the price of a half-tank of fuel, you can order and receive our copyrighted materials.  This information not only tells you what we did right, but it warns you about the mistakes we made.  This material will keep you on the right path.  If I could have bought this material before we started and paid $10,000.00 for it, it would have been the best deal of my life, except for saying, “I Do” to get my wife. 

     I came home from work in August of 2005 and my wife told me that a category 4 or 5 hurricane was about to strike the Gulf coast in the vicinity of New Orleans. I knew the oil companies would use this natural disaster to skyrocket the price of fuel and I was right on target. I tried to get people to cut back on their use of this necessary evil.  I knew unless the American people reduced the amount of fuel they consumed while it was $3.00 a gallon, the oil companies would probably never let it get below that record price again.  

  In my lifetime I have become painfully aware of the oil companies ability to escalate fuel prices for almost any reason.

     The American people have been pushed around time and again by these corporate bullies.  The oil companies try to tell us they are not gouging us, but then they make record profits, in some cases ten times what they had been profiting in recent years, but they are not “gouging” of course!

     After the hurricane did its damage to the Gulf coast, the oil companies did exactly what I predicted.  They have taken advantage of us.  I call it financial rape. 

     I’m self-employed and I can tell you firsthand our small business was down about 50%.  Our sales were cut so drastic that our overhead (operating expenses) exceeded our profits 12 straight months in a row.  People were upset about the price of fuel and I don’t blame them, so they weren’t buying anything but bare necessities.

     My business is a small equipment reconditioning company.  We rebuild used late model equipment and sell it to other small businesses or individuals.  When the fuel prices skyrocketed, the sales slowed down and we were left holding the bag. 

     I contacted five other small business people and asked them to meet me at my business one Tuesday night.  We all talked about how our small businesses had been hurt by the high fuel prices. We had finally survived the 9-11 tragedy and its resulting business slow down.  

     The first night we met we mostly talked about how bad our businesses were doing. It was on the second night that we started working on some way to get our businesses going again.  One person told us that there were some federal loans available to help restart our businesses, but as usual there were more strings tied to it than a parachute.

     When a small business gets hit like we were, for every $1 we go in debt during bad times, it takes $4-$5 to pay back the debt when things pick up.  We pondered several ways of getting not only our small businesses out of this financial dilemma, but also the American people.

      I remember the “Oil Embargo” of the seventies. Congress voted to freeze wages and prices, so the oil companies shut off the flow of oil.  I remembered the long lines at the service stations.  The oil companies seem to have a stranglehold on our nation.  I believe the only way to reduce the oil company’s stranglehold is to reduce the amount of fuel we use. 

     We discussed the option of gasohol, but the production of gasohol will just raise prices of farm products, for every gallon we produce, we’ll have to pay $3 more on food.  I was told that it takes about a gallon of petroleum to produce a gallon of alcohol, so we didn’t believe that gasohol based fuels are the answer. 

     We talked about electric cars, but electric power is overwhelmingly produced by fossil fuels, so we threw that one out as well. 

     The next decision was hybrid vehicles.  Some really good ones are on the market.  The problem is you only save fuel when driving under approximately 45 miles per hour, because after you exceed 45 miles per hour, the electric motors shut down and the gasoline engine takes over.  On a trip across the nation the only time this would help would be getting on and off of the interstate.  We’re sure under some circumstances this may be practical, but the price of these vehicles and the upkeep on the expensive batteries would erode a lot of the savings. 

     We have the only financially feasible alternative to the high price of fuel! For just $24.95 you can read our plan. The first plans will be on full sized pickup trucks.  In a few months we will release plans on full size automobiles and a few months after that we will release plans for SUV’S.  These are the worst gas-hogs, so we will tackle these vehicles first. Plans for smaller cars, motor homes, and larger trucks will follow. 

     We are also working on plans to change out the running gears in high mileage law enforcement vehicles to our plan.  Imagine a squad car that gets 30-35 miles per gallon on patrol, but with the simple flip of a switch, it could engage in a high speed pursuit!                          

     Pickups are essential for our daily commerce and that is why we chose them first. The posse is coming.  We can win this battle, if we work together.  We have got to re-invigorate the pioneer spirit of the American people. 

     We want to dedicate this project to our brave veterans and founding fathers, especially those who gave their lives for this country.  We owe these brave people a debt that we can never repay.  If our founding fathers could come back today, I believe their tears would stand waist deep across our land to see how we have allowed what they fought and died for to be robbed from us.  We have let a handful of major corporations take financial control of not only our futures, but the futures of our children.  Not one of us would dare hurt our children, but we have allowed corruption of our nation’s government by a handful of large greedy corporations.  I’m not saying all corporations are bad, 99.9% are good for America.  They produce goods and services, provide jobs, and pay taxes, but we have a few, I call them the “Dirty Dozen” that have become so rich and powerful that they threaten our freedom and the sovereignty of our nation.     

     Someday we will have to face our children and explain why we allowed this to happen. This project is the way of reducing the stranglehold the oil companies and OPEC have on us, but if we let them continue to undermine the strength of our families, then our nation will be destroyed as well.

     Please join this fight.  If we work together, we can regain control of our lives and future of our children. The most powerful thing these people fear is the American people uniting to re-take control of our country.

     You can’t wait for some superhero to come blasting through the wall to rescue us from these merchants of greed and corruption.  If you’re tired of the damn mess we’re in, neither of our gutless political parties are going to help us.  They have sold us out for the pact money.  The biggest “buzzword” in the current political campaign for President is “Change, Change is Needed.”  Change will never come by the hands of politicians.  Change will only come when we unite and work together. 

     Our children are starving for the bread of hope and the gas guzzling manufacturers, the oil companies, and our politicians have told us to “just give them cake!” 

     This is our opinion.  Please ask ten of your friends to read this.

 ________________________                                 _________________________

     Gary C. Brown                                                              Jimmy McLeod

________________________                                  ________________________

   Donald W. Anderson                                                    D. R. Gottschalk

________________________                                  __________________________

   Ray Thompson                                                            Clarence R. Brown  
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